Blog Entry: 4th February, 2019

Language & Literature

We were introduced to our new unit “Mother’s Day”, which is a play written by J B Priestly. This fortnight, we have discussed what the title Mother’s Day means to us. We have also discussed why appreciation is important and how appreciation is a two-way street. We learnt the difference between a story and a play. We made a brief character sketch of the characters in the play. In our recent class we learnt about ‘Show, Don’t Tell’ which is a technique used in various kinds of texts to allow the reader to experience the story through action, words, thoughts, senses, and feelings rather than through the author’s exposition, summarization, and description.

By: Medha Ummat (MYP 2A)

Language Acquisition


We started this term with an exciting presentation based on festivals and celebrations around the world. We obtained a rough idea on the topic (festivals and celebration around the world) and then divided ourselves into groups. The main target of the group activity was to create a unit planner, which included the key concepts, related concept, global context, unit title and key words based on the student’s perspective. Last term, we were taught how to conjugate only “er” ending verbs. Now we are elaborating on various types of verbs, e.g. -er, -ir, -re and how to conjugate them.

By: Aditya Sharma (MYP 2C)


We watched a video on a Spanish festival “La Tomatina” and filled in the blanks with the information provided in the video. We made a list of vocabulary and verbs related to the festival.


Phase 1 & 2: Under our new unit, ‘Festivals and Traditions’, we discussed the importance and relevance of festivals in present day. We answered unit-based questions in writing and wrote articles on the topic: ‘To what extent a festival should be celebrated?’ – whether in moderation or with grandeur.

Individuals & Societies

We were introduced to our first unit which is, in fact, an Interdisciplinary Unit with Biology. The name of the unit is ‘Exploring the Environment’. Before the unit details were provided, we had to formulate our own inquiry questions. We learned about the differences between climate and weather and were given a table where we had to monitor the weather for ten days. Then we brainstormed about an article in the ‘Hindustan Times Student Edition’ named ‘Cataclysmic Fallout Likely by 2040’.

By: Kris Varghese, Agastya Makkar and Aditi Gaur (MYP 2A)


When our new term began, we commenced with a new unit in math exploring the topic of Statistics. We have also learned the new organizer of ‘stem and leaf plot’ and completed a couple of exercises for the same. We also revised the topic of Mean, Median, Mode and Range and completed exercises from the math textbook for the same. Few students also presented a power point presentation on the ‘stem and leaf plot’ and gave the other students a better understanding of the topic.

By: Kris Vargese (MYP 2A)



We started the IDU ‘Exploring environment’. The global context, key concept, related concept, Statement of Inquiry (SOI) and the inquiry questions were shared in the class. In the first lesson, we created a word wall and inquiry board for this unit. We posted questions that we will refer to during the course of this unit on the wonder wall. We created an action section on the unit board to be able to brainstorm unit driven Service as Action ideas and share with the class. Students shared the factual, conceptual and debatable question that they came up with. Subsequently, class groups explored and found the meaning of important key words used in ecology and shared in the class.


We started our unit “Assistive Technology”. We were shown scenarios based on which we were asked to come up with the global context, related concepts and key concept. We had a group discussion and came up with inquiry questions. We wrote down a list of work that we do on a daily basis and compared it with the definition of work done according to scientists. We discussed with our peers how doing a work and actual work done is different in terms of real-life scenarios.

By: Diya Kansal MYP2C


We have started our new unit, Chemical Bonding and discussed the key concept, global context, statement of inquiry and inquiry questions for the same. We were inquisitive about the concepts and shared our questions in the class. We did a looping back activity on the key words, atomic number, atomic mass, valence shell, valence electrons and electron configuration. We discussed about the octet rule. We explored how atoms can transfer electrons to stabilize themselves with the help of a playful, interactive and interesting activity.

By: Rishi Garhyan (MYP 2C)

Design & Technology

We have been introduced to the new unit, ‘World of Fashion’. We had many discussions to craft the flow of the unit which was interesting. We also did an activity which eventually resulted in coming up with our own debatable, conceptual and factual questions. We will explore more possibilities about the fashion world during our design lessons in the upcoming weeks and we are looking forward to it.

By: Andrea Joe Ben (MYP 2A)


We started our new unit by creating a mind map using Coggle. We brainstormed on who is going to be our client or audience, what will be our product and how will it help our client or audience. We also saw a few interesting videos on mindfulness which is one of the topics we are focusing on.

By: Ritvik Singhal MYP 2A


We discussed the learning outcomes of the current unit. We learnt about the geography, countries, landscapes and people of Africa. We explored Djembe techniques, posture and sounds. We formed a circle and started drumming together on the patterns guided by the teacher. We learnt about three different sounds that were produced by hitting the drum at different places  – Bass, Tone and Slap.

By: Medha Ummat (MYP 2A)

Physical & Health Education (PHE)

We practiced the techniques and skills like start, finish, baton exchange, hurdle jump, shot put throw and standing broad jump of  track and field for the annual athletics meet. We also participated in the heats for the same competition.

Visual Art

We have started our unit “Creative Perspective Drawing”. In this unit, we will work on one point and two points perspectives in drawing. We will also apply three point perspective while making 3D sculpture. Students are being shown different 3D sculptures and are researching on different materials and techniques. Students will get opportunity to create 3D sculpture with newspapers, cardboard etc and will use light and sound during presentation. The learning of one and two points perspectives will help them creating 3D sculptures in groups.

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